A valuable marketing asset: gift to clients
or sell on Amazon as an additional income stream…

design your own branded journal

Calling coaches, trainers and service providers, health/wellness professionals, network marketers, subscription box providers, virtual assistants….

Have you ever thought about the possibilities offered by branded merchandise such as notebooks or journals for your business – or that of your clients?

Here’s your opportunity to open an exciting new world of bespoke marketing collateral – designed and published by the person who understands your business better than anyone –  YOU!



NEWSFLASH: Amazon is an online giant… in September 2020, there were 2.44 billion visitors to its worldwide sites; its traffic and influence continue to grow.  Imagine if you could tap into even a tiny fraction of that buying power! 

Let’s think about this for a minute.  When you complete this program, you’ll have the ability to design and publish an infinite number of “low-content” books, i.e. notebooks, journals, planners – not only could you use these in a multitude of ways as marketing collateral within your own business, but also you have an astonishing  opportunity to create books that appeal to a worldwide market on the largest e-commerce site in history.

Sell to an international market, raise awareness of your brand / business, position yourself as an expert and be the envy of your competitors?  

What’s not to like?  And it’s all done with tools you’re already familiar with.  

Let’s go…

Start your self-publishing journey today with
the Branded Journals Blueprint program!

We’ve had a difficult year –  there’s no doubt about that.  Virtually every business has had to adapt, pivot, or whatever buzzword you choose to apply to the situation. 

A couple of years ago, I began noticing social media posts and emails about “low-content books” and how easy it is to publish these through Amazon’s print-on-demand platform – Kindle Direct Publishing, aka KDP)… at the time I felt quite excited because I was sure I’d be able to create these books myself –  but then I got busy with other stuff and abandoned the idea until a few months ago. 

When I did investigate more fully, I set myself a goal of designing and publishing my first blank lined notebook on Amazon –  and it certainly gave me a real sense of achievement!  I’ve now published 3 of these notebooks, I have ideas for many more – and that has led me to creating this program, showing other business owners how to start their own self-publishing journey. 

THE BRANDED JOURNALS BLUEPRINT is for you if you’re a coach, trainer, service provider, health/wellness professional, subscription box provider, network marketer or VA…

…and you’d love an on-demand source of versatile branded journals and workbooks that you can offer to clients, team members, or sell online as an additional income stream – with no need to buy boxes of stock or struggle with complex software. VAs – it’s your chance to learn a valuable skill and offer a new service to your clients!

Follow the step-by-step tutorials in the program and you’ll have your first bespoke branded journal or notebook designed, created and published on Amazon within a couple of weeks.

Imagine what that could do for YOUR business – and your self-esteem!

I just wanted to say how helpful I found your master class videos to be. It took me a while to find the time to go watch them but
now I have I’ve learnt so much. I now have to try and put it all into practice.
Sonia George

Naomi this course is absolutely brilliant! It’s so clear and concise with no waffle and it’s making me feel confident that I can do this! Love it
Amy Glover

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naomi jane johnson

About Naomi

Hi! I’ve been involved with online marketing since 2011 when I set up my business as a social media manager.  My business has evolved considerably since then –  but the one constant thing has been my determination to explore new possibilities.  My training as a scientist has given me an enquiring mind!

For many years I’ve enjoyed digital design, despite having no formal training – I’ve simply learned “on the job”, using readily-available tools.

Over almost 10 years, I’ve made the most of what’s available and this has led me to this year’s new addition to my business, designing low-content books to publish on Amazon.

Now, my mission is to help business owners just like you do the same.


When you purchase the program, you’ll receive the 4 modules detailed below,  describing the exact process of creating your own original journals / workbooks (using software you’re already familiar with), ready to offer to your clients so that they can take notes or record their progress through your programs – or generate an additional income stream for yourself by selling the books via Amazon.

I’m also giving you 3 valuable bonuses:  done-for-you page and cover templates, a KDP setup checklist, and “Power To The Pin”, my comprehensive Pinterest marketing class for beginners. 

You’ll also have full support from me in a private Facebook group, where you’ll be able to get your questions answered and network with your peers who are working on their own branded journals.


Branded journals for your business just got easier…

  • Get clear on ways that branded journals or workbooks will position you at the front of your client’s mind as they take notes, work through tasks and projects or keep track of their own progress.
  • Straightforward facts about image copyright so you can quit the guesswork and avoid issues when publishing and selling your journals online.
  • Navigate Amazon’s own Print on Demand platform, so that you’re ready to begin uploading and selling your branded journals promptly.


Design stylish, ready-to-publish journal pages and covers.

  • Explore the different page sizes to use when publishing on Amazon, to ensure that you choose the most appropriate option for the type of journal you’ll be producing.
  • Constructing your journal pages will be child’s play, using familiar everyday software – saving you the time and stress of learning something new. 
  • Draft a branded cover that adheres to Amazon’s specifications, guaranteeing a seamless publishing experience & rapid availability of your journal.



Start your
self-publishing journey.

  • Watch over my shoulder as I publish a new journal so that you know how to make yours more discoverable in Amazon searches by choosing the most appropriate keywords and categories.
  • Fine-tune your print options for trouble-free journal production in your preferred style.
  • Review your interior pages & covers, making any last minute checks and tweaks before uploading, so you’re ready to go to print!


Press that PUBLISH button on your first journal!

  • Upload your pre-formatted manuscript in seconds, knowing that you can use it over and over again for future projects.
  • Explore Amazon’s print-on-demand  built-in cover creator – save time with the foolproof way to add that perfect finishing touch to your journal.
  • You’re nearly there…  set availability and pricing of your journal then hit that PUBLISH button to launch your exclusive business merchandise.



BONUS #1: Done-For-You Templates:
Lined pages in 2 sizes (5.5”x8.5”, 8.5”x11”) for both Canva & PowerPoint, and a complete set of 8.5”x11” pre-formatted journal pages (Canva template) giving you instantly available pages for your preferred design tool.

BONUS #2: Amazon Print-on-Demand (KDP) Setup Checklist:
Setting up your Amazon print-on-demand project will be a breeze when you follow this step-by-step checklist and avoid wasting time searching for the right information.

BONUS #3: “Power To The Pin” Online Course:
Pinterest is a valuable source of website traffic and potential sales for publishers of journals and workbooks. My online course gives you the foundation for attracting more views of your own content, and a new source of leads and sales.


4 monthly instalments of £55, or pay £199 today and save.

Completely recommend Naomi Jane Johnson…professional, speedy and understands objectives perfectly x
Andrea Wilde

Wilde About Tan

Naomi opened our eyes to online marketing. Due to success, another session is being booked.  Great session!
Nicola Webster



You may be intrigued by the possibilities offered in my Branded Journals Blueprint program, but wondering if it’s the right investment for you and your business?

I’ve gathered up a few common questions and will answer them here…

“How will this work for me, I’m not a coach or consultant?”

Coaches and consultants are just 2 of many business types that could take advantage of branded journals or notebooks.  Others include:  health / wellness professionals, therapists, personal trainers, designers, service providers, network marketers, subscription box providers… heck, even people with a stationery addiction (no need to go shopping,  just design your own!)  Not to mention any business owner who likes the idea of a second income stream. 

A few examples – you could:

  • Send a journal to clients who invest in your high ticket programs, as a welcome gift.
  • Send to all your clients as a “Get ready for the New Year” gift
  • Offer your notebooks as prizes or incentives to people in your membership who have achieved a certain goal – eg most engaged in your content.
  • Do you have a specific tagline or slogan?  Create branded journals with your tagline on the cover,  and sell them on Amazon.
  • Gift or sell your branded journals as an aide-memoire to take notes during your workshop – with the workshop name on the cover.

“How could I ever create my own designs, I have no design skills and no time to learn new software?”

Listen, I’ve never studied design, I’m actually a scientist with a Masters degree in Clinical Biochemistry… what I teach (and do myself) is based around readily available software and online tools that produce professional, eye-catching designs to make your brand stand out.  In the Branded Journals Blueprint program we make the most of these familiar resources so that you don’t need to waste time learning complex software.

“What happens if I get busy with other tasks and fall behind with the training?”

There’s no “behind” with the Branded Books Blueprint program.  The content will be available indefinitely, there is no pressure to complete to a specific timescale, meaning you can dip in and out at times that work best for you.  

“What if I get stuck or have questions around a particular aspect of the training?”

As a member, you’ll have access to support in a private Facebook group, with my personal help and guidance as you go through each step of the program.

“How will the training be delivered?” 

I’ve set up a private Facebook group exclusively for members of the Branded Journals Blueprint program – the training will be delivered in 4 modules,  each including several short pre-recorded video tutorials, checklists and templates. There will also be live Q & A sessions as required. 

branded journals for your business


When your clients are jotting down their plans, ideas and notes from day to day, or working through tasks you’ve set as part of your programs, is it your name they see on the front of their notebook?

Or is it someone else who is capturing their attention as they open their journal each morning, becoming more memorable every time they glance at the cover?

You can change that.

I’d love you to join me and a select group of business owners to discover exactly how you can build your own on-demand source of branded merchandise that’ll become an exciting addition to your business. 

See you on the inside!



4 monthly instalments of £55, or pay £199 today and save.

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