My Creative Journey

My Creative Journey

How I Got Here

The cats made me do it…

Yes they really did.  In a former life, I bred and showed pedigree cats –  in fact I am still connected to this world, as a registered cat show judge.

naomi judging a cat

In the late 90s / early 2000s, the world wide web was just getting started and websites were becoming THE thing to have if you were a cat breeder.  Having just started exploring the internet (via the wonders of a dial-up connection) I was determined to have my very own website to show off my cats and kittens. 

Initially I had help from a web designer who was offering to build sites for free as he got established –  but being me,  I was desperate to learn how to do it myself so I could make future updates.  I took a couple of online courses to learn HTML & CSS – and redeveloped my cat breeding website from the ground up,  totally coded by hand!  I was really proud of it 😍  And knowing HTML/CSS basics has been incredibly valuable in my current business.

The Launch of my Business

In June 2011 I launched “Naomi Johnson Social Media” – providing social media management and training. Back then, visual content was nowhere near as essential as now, and video was still to arrive.

Then in 2014, the online world exploded with video –  it rapidly became the must-have strategy for business promotion and marketing.  Naturally, I was curious, so I purchased a couple of low-cost video creation tools. I did nothing with them for several months – when I finally got started, I offered videos to business colleagues for a low price and they were delighted with the results.

For several years, my main business service became video.  I focused on video formats that don’t require filming – various styles of animation, or video based around images and text. Video work is still a major part of my business (I’ve dropped the social media services)

The Pivot

Well not so much a pivot as an evolution…  I’m talking about 2020, we all know what happened in March of that year.  No going out, doom and gloom everywhere. I dug out some old files – journal PLR – and decided now was the time to start doing what had been in the back of my mind for several years.  I watched YouTube videos, downloaded freebies, designed my first notebook and published it on Amazon in May 2020.

Where I Am Now…

My 25th low-content book is currently awaiting Amazon approval – in fact I set an intention at the start of this year (2022) to publish at least one per month, and so far, I’m on track.  You’ll find details of all my books here.

During this business evolution, I’ve expanded my design skills and am now regularly creating printable and digital versions of my books which can be sold on my own website, or in my Etsy store.  I began using the Affinity suite of design apps a couple of years ago when they were being sold at half price – these are far more powerful than Canva or PowerPoint, although don’t get me wrong, I still love and use both of those well-known solutions (and teach their use in my courses).
I’ve created spiral bound versions of several books and designed my first (2022) planner last year – the 2023 version is currently under construction.
I’ve also designed bookmarks (to be used instead of business cards) – and digital business cards linked via a QR code.
And I’ve stocked my online shop on this website with a range of custom printed products including t-shirts, hoodies, mugs, bags and more.
As well as doing all this creative stuff myself, I’m on a mission to help other business owners do the same – if I can do it, anyone can.  I have no formal design training; my original career was in Clinical Biochemistry!
I mentioned my Branded Journals Blueprint program; I also have the Print On Demand Merchandise Academy (teaching how to design for merchandise such as t-shirts – without needing to order in bulk) and even better, both of these programs bundled together as the Magic Merchandise Toolkit.

I love helping business owners unleash their creativity and build awareness amongst their target audience!
Please contact me if you need further advice or help with promotional videos or custom designed product creation

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